We are pleased to introduce our innovative new product system, Protecta Eco-Foil which is designed to reduce environmental impact and waste on construction sites. 

How does the system work?

The system works by inserting a 300ml foil into the reusable Eco-Cartridge, which fits into a standard skeleton gun. The cartridge has a double-ended plunger, so once the foil is empty, remove the cap and nozzle and re-fill the opposite end with a new 300ml foil. Simply replace the cap and nozzle at the opposite end, insert into the dedicated foil gun and the system is ready for use! 

What products are available in the Eco-Foil range?

  • Protecta FR Acrylic
  • Protecta FR Graphite
  • Protecta FR IPT
  • Empty Eco-Cartridges
  • 300ml foil gun

Why choose the new Eco-Foil system?

  • One Eco-Cartridge can be reused a minimum of 60 times 
  • Reduces on-site waste by more than 90% 
  • The system fits into a standard skeleton gun
  • 6 months longer shelf life than the same product in a plastic cartridge