We are pleased to announce a comprehensive product upgradefor Protecta FR Board.The new update includes a number of new features, includingcomprehensive additional approvals for drywalls and rigid walls, improved drawings and updated installation instructions. 

The new FR Board product upgrade includes:  

  • Comprehensive approvals within 75mm thick drywalls and rigid walls to EI 60 
  • Steel pipes insulated with phenolic foams in drywalls, timber- and rigid walls 
  • Copper- and steel pipes are now approved with penetrating glass-wool insulation 
  • Bundles with plastic pipes and conduits in drywalls, timber- and rigid walls 
  • Bundles with plastic pipes are added in rigid walls to EI 240 
  • Approvals for PP pipes now includes PP-MV, PP-H, PP-R and similar, and PE pipes includes PE-LD, PE-MD, PE-HD, PE-X and similar 
  • Uponor Decibel composite pipe approvals  
  • BluePower composite pipes with additional sizes up to Ø 160mm 
  • Alupex pipes with elastomeric and PE foam insulations in framed apertures 
  • Large plastic pipes in all walls has now improved classifications and increased scope of sizes and pipe wall thicknesses 
  • Technical drawings have been improved throughout 
  • The installation instructions have additional information added 

Protecta FR Board is designed toprevent the spread of fire and smoke through openingsin fire rated walls and floors where openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. The board has a high-density stone wool core which is overcoated with FR Coating.