The Protecta FR Service Transit is designed to maintain the fire resistance of walls and floors when these are breached by continuous cables, pipes and ducts.

The Service Transit consists of a circular and now a rectangular high temperature shell containing a graphite based intumescent lining material, which expands upon heating to seal spaces or voids around service penetrations. After installation of the Service Transit, services can be retrofitted without having to install a new fire seal.

The FF Service Transits are designed specifically for floors, where they are positioned flush with the soffit side considering they may be fixed to shutters before the concrete is casted. The plastic tube superseding the top side of the floor may also be cut off, so they are flush with both sides of the floor (optional).

The FD Service Transits are specifically designed for plastic rectangular ducts, and are the only products with a steel casing instead of plastic tubes.

Sizes, Types and Intended Use:Protecta Service Transit - News

Protecta FR Service Transit is also now UKTA certified and all product upgrades are detailed in the Technical Data Sheet and Installation Instructions. To access supporting documents, please click here and log into the members’ zone.