We’re happy to announce another new upgrade – This time, the product upgrade is of FR Graphite.

FR Graphite is an advanced mastic that stops fire, smoke, and gases from spreading through openings in fire-rated walls and floors. When exposed to fire, it expands and seals penetrations after combustible materials have burned away. It’s also highly effective at sealing difficult installations, including large plastic pipes, where traditional fire-rated mastics fall short.

The upgrade includes but is not limited to:Product Upgrade Service Transit

  • UKCA mark
  • Approvals in rigid walls with density as low as 350 kg/m3
  • New VOC emission tests with additional approvals
  • Approvals added for steel pipes with up to 50mm thick elastomeric insulation
  • Approvals added for conduits up to Ø 110mm

We are constantly improving our products, and the recent upgrade of FR Graphite is just one example. We’ll soon have new approvals for combining FR Graphite with FR Board but these details will be included in the upcoming upgrade for FR Board – So stay tuned for more exciting product upgrades like this in the future.

We’ve updated our technical data sheet, installation instructions and certificates. You can view or download the updated documents for FR Graphite by logging into the members portal.