We’ve been hard at work these past few months, planning, developing and testing the Protecta EX Mortar in order to achieve a series of new approvals, certifications and improvements.


EX Mortar is a dry white powder consisting of inorganic compounds and perlite. When mixed with water, the compounds form a highly thermally insulating fire sealing compound to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors, including openings formed around building service penetrations.


EX Mortar is suitable for most surfaces, included concrete, bricks, Leca, steel and plastic. This includes cables, bundled cables, cable racks, cable trays, steel, copper, alupex, composite, plastic pipes and air ventilation ducts.


Protecta EX Mortar is designed to be a quick curing system for professional installers where fast application times is of the highest importance. For slower cure a retardant can be added to the dry mortar powder (sold separately).Protecta EX Mortar


All details are based on the Protecta EX Mortar ETA and UKTA issues in accordance with regulation (EU) No 305/2011 on the basis of EAD 350454-00-114, September 2017, tested to EN 1366-1,-3,-4 and -12 in conjunction with EN 1363-1.

Detailed below are the new improvements and upgrades:


  • EX Mortar now holds the UKCA mark


  • New VOC emission tests with additional approvals
  • Approval to reduce thickness of cast by 50 mm by using cones around services
  • Approvals in rigid walls with density as low as 350 kg/m3
  • Approvals for use in composite floors
  • Approvals for steel sleeved apertures
  • Approvals for plastic pipes in bundles
  • Approvals for conduits in bundles
  • Approvals for steel pipes with coat-back
  • Approvals for Wavin AS+ pipes
  • Added approvals for metal pipes with PU foam insulation
  • Added approvals for alupex pipes with elastomeric and phenolic insulation


  • Improved performance for metal pipes with phenolic insulation
  • Improved performance for PALO-KAL NG pipes
  • New improved drawings throughout

All updated documents can be viewed on the EX Mortar page after logging into the members portal.