As a prominent name in the fire-stopping sector, Protecta has always been committed to setting new standards. Traditionally, our sealants and adhesives were packaged in plastic cartridges – a common practice in the industry. However, recognising the urgent need to reduce our ecological footprint and address rising costs, we are leading the way toward a more environmentally friendly and economically viable future.

In our steadfast pursuit of sustainability, we introduce the innovative Protecta Eco-Foil System – a reusable cartridge solution compatible with any of our 300ml sealant foil sausages. This ground-breaking system offers numerous benefits that extend beyond typical packaging practices:

Economic Efficiency:

The Eco-Foil System is designed to ensure efficient dispensing, leaving virtually no sealant/adhesive wastage. By optimising material usage, you contribute to both cost savings and the promotion of sustainable practices in the construction industry.

Reduce Waste Impact:

When the foil is fully emptied, it can be compacted easily, taking up just 5% of the space occupied by traditional cartridges. This remarkable compression results in a staggering 95% reduction in waste volume, translating to significant disposal cost reductions.


What sets our Eco-Foil System apart from the conventional industry norm?Protecta Eco Foil

Enhanced Efficience:

The thoughtful design of our foil packaging ensures that every drop of sealant/adhesive is effectively utilised, minimising waste and maximising value.

Sustainable Disposal:

The compacted foil occupies minimal space, easing waste management concerns and substantially decreasing the environmental burden of waste-to-landfill practices.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the immediate benefits of the Protecta Eco-Foil System. Over the upcoming years, with support from our parent company Polyseam, all teams are dedicated working towards a  reduction in waste-to-landfill.

By embracing the Protecta Eco-Foil System, you’re not only adopting a more efficient and cost-effective solution but also actively participating in the construction industry’s transition to a greener, more responsible future. We firmly believe that meaningful change is brought about through action, and each foil pack represents a step toward sustainable transformation.