At Protecta, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve spent the last few months developing and testing one of our core products, the Protecta FR Collar. Our dedication to excellence has led us to achieve an array of new approvals, certifications, and remarkable improvements. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the upgraded Protecta FR Collar, a cutting-edge fire protection solution that sets new standards in safety and reliability.


Protecta FR Collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire-rated walls and floors where these are breached by service penetrations. The FR Collars can be used in drywalls, timber, masonry or concrete walls and floors. Each collar is ingeniously designed, featuring a white or red-coated circular steel shell that easily splits in two. With a simple ‘slide-lock’ mechanism, it fits snugly around service penetrations.


Inside the steel shell lies a fast reacting graphite-based reactive material. This revolutionary substance springs into action when exposed to the intense heat of a fire, instantly reacting to close any openings that might be leftProtecta Fire Collar - White by the softening combustible materials. This innovation ensures that your fire-rated structures maintain their integrity, even in the face of a blaze.

Embracing Advancements: The New and Exciting Features

The Protecta FR Collar has undergone a series of remarkable upgrades that take its performance to the next level. Here are some of the exciting enhancements you can expect:Protecta FR Collar - Red

UKCA MARK: Our commitment to quality and compliance shines through with the addition of the UKCA mark. You can trust that the Protecta FR Collar meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

EXPANDED APPLICATIONS: With approvals now extending to rigid walls with a density as low as 350 kg/m3, the Protecta FR Collar opens up possibilities for a wider range of applications, ensuring your fire protection needs are met across diverse scenarios.

FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE: When service penetrations are placed against a floor or wall, you can now use half a collar shell, providing the utmost flexibility and convenience in installation.

ENHANCED ADHESION: For those hard-to-reach fixing lugs, the Protecta FR Adhesive can be used, ensuring a secure and reliable installation.

VERSATILE ALTERNATIVES: In situations where a fibre plug is recommended between services and constructions, the Protecta FR Acrylic offers a versatile alternative that ensures the same level of protection and performance.

ANGULAR PLACEMENT: Pipes up to Ø 50mm can now be positioned at angles ranging from 90 to 45 degrees, expanding your options for installation.

EXTENDED APPROVALS: Our dedication to excellence shows with added approvals for cables up to Ø 80mm in floors, 110 x 54mm PVC rectangular ducts, PE pipes with single-sided collars in walls, larger PEX pipes in bundles, Wavin AS+ pipes, and larger Geberit Silent PP pipes.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: We’re proud to offer approvals for copper and steel pipes up to Ø 159mm, including approvals for copper & steel pipes with phenolic, PE and PU foam insulation.

USEFUL IMPROVEMENTS: Improved pipe wall thicknesses for PP pipes with top-faced collars in floors and improved pipe wall thicknesses for different kinds of standard pipes.

OPTIMISED DURABILITY: The Protecta FR Collar’s durability class has been UPGRADED to Z1, allowing it to withstand higher humidity levels, making it an ideal choice for a variety of environments.


At Protecta, your safety is our top priority. With the new and improved Protecta FR Collar, we’re redefining fire protection by combining innovation, quality, and reliability. Whether you’re looking to safeguard residential or commercial spaces, the Protecta FR Collar is the ultimate solution to fortify your fire-rated structures against the unpredictable threat of fire.

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