Our Story

Leading the way since 1993, we specialise in manufacturing evidence-based, high-performance fire protection products and systems that you can trust to perform well.

Our UK and European chemists, engineers and technicians continue to lead the field in research, development and manufacture – and our market-leading range of passive fire protection is a direct result of their pioneering expertise.

We continue to raise standards across our industry with our extensive range of passive fire protection, and fire and sound-resistant products. Our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, safety and performance enable our customers to create safer environments for all – that’s why you can rely on Protecta.

Benefits of Passive Fire Protection

Limits the spread of fire

Saves lives & assets

Reduces risk to infrastructure

Cost effective & safety proven

Testing & Certifications

To ensure all Protecta products meet the strict requirements of today’s construction projects, we are committed to ongoing testing and development programmes in cooperation with major laboratories. Our products and their comprehensive range of applications are CE-marked, and each has ETAs (European Technical Assessment) and CoCs. With state-of-the-art fire testing facilities located in both the UK and Norway, we regularly test and further innovate our products to ensure the highest quality is delivered every time.

We’re accredited

CE Mark
Passive fire protection products
Passive fire protection products
UKCA Certificate
Passive fire protection products
Passive fire protection products

Meet the Team

We like to make our customers’ lives easier. Our dedicated team are committed to creating high-performance products that are easy to use, complete with all of the documentation you need to install our products. We’re on hand to help and guide you through any technical queries or product information.


Kjetil Bogstad


Wol Hluchan

Wol Hluchan

Research & Development Director

Paul Ramage

Division Manager - Technical & Certification


Catherine McAliskey

Service Director

Our products are proven

You can rely on our high-quality fire stopping products to perform, thanks to extensive fire testing evidence covering multiple scenarios.

Research & development

Our products have been developed by specialist chemists, engineers and technicians since 1993. Robust proof of performance gives complete confidence in our products.

Easy to install

Our products have approvals for multiple applications to simplify product selection. Each product has clear installation instructions that are easy to follow, avoiding problems on-site.

Cost effective

We can create bespoke, cost-effective solutions for your project requirements. Our manufacturing and packing operation are completely flexible and caters for long and short runs.

Sustainability credentials

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by minimising waste and materials through responsible design and producing our products with renewable energy.

Here to help

Comprehensive product training, technical advice and on-site guidance equips our customers with everything they need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.