Firestopping applications

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  • FR Acrylic

  • Protecta Fire Rated Graphite

    FR Graphite

  • Protecta Fire Rated IPT

    FR IPT

  • FR Board

  • EX Mortar

  • black bucket of fr coating with black lid and orange and white logos

    FR Coating

  • red intumescent fire collar
    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    FR Collar

  • fr pipe wrap installed around a white pipe

    FR Pipe Wrap

  • Protecta Fire Rated Damper

    FR Damper

  • Protecta FR Service Transit

    Service Transits

  • FR Putty Pad for Electrical Sockets

  • Fire Rated Putty Pad

    FR Putty Pad for Tap Water Wall Boxes

  • FR Putty Cord

  • Protecta Fire Rated Graphite Plate

    FR Graphite Plate

  • Protecta Fire Rated Foam

    FR Foam