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10 Lifesaving Questions to ask about your fire seal.

Our goal is to equip attendees with a toolkit of ten essential questions that will help individuals evaluate whether the fire seal they have designed, installed, or inspected is ‘Fit for purpose’.

Webinar outcomes:
Gain Valuable Insights into Fire Safety Building Regulations: Explore the recent updates to Fire Safety Building Regulations & their profound effects on the manufacturing of passive fire protection (PFP) products, including testing procedures & test data analysis.

Master the Art of Third-Party Verification: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the significance of third-party verification processes in ensuring product compliance & suitability for their intended purposes.

Unlock Access to Crucial Information Sources: Discover the essential sources of information you’ll need to consult before designing a firestop seal, encompassing comprehensive guidance on product selection & installation procedures.

Harness Manufacturer’s Tested Data & Standards Approvals: Learn where to locate critical details regarding a manufacturer’s testing results & standards approvals. Understand how to effectively utilise this information to assess its compatibility with your specific site conditions and requirements.

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